Wednesday, September 2, 2009

howz my pose???

hello my dear blog readers ,
nenu vachesaa.. see how i'm saying hai to u.... na update yento telusa i can stand by holding chair or stool.. anni ekkestunnanu ee madhya ma mom ni full busy ga vunchutunnanu. telusa nenu rhymes chustanu.. tarangam tarangam ante chala istam.. naku konni favourites vunnai..nenu adukunta kada madhya madhyalo ma mummy ki chala hugs and kisses isthanu.. ma amma chala murisipotundi. ma dad office nunchi vachaka full ga nathone adukuntaru. i love my mom & dad choooooo much...nako play hut vundi.. andulo bane adukunta. ok mari.. malli twaralone vasta.. long weekend kada so busy nenu..
ma friend rithvik daggaraki velthunnanu.. bubyeeeee...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do u wanna listen my tunes...

See friends , how i'm singing ?

Taneesh in Krishna style...

Hi friends,
How r u all?After so many days i opened my blog..These days i'm very busy with playing , crawling and sleeping too... Every month , my parents are celebrating montly birthdays.. So, i'm enjoing with yummy yummy cakes..
My mom and dad decorated me as krishna on the occasion of krishnastami.
do u wanna see my photos?? hey , here is the link
your comments are welcome.. ok then.. bubyeeeee. I will come sooon with new updates..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You are curious to know my name is my name

Hello Aunty & Uncle,
This is Taneesh. R u thinking who is this ? I'm your old friend, baby of Pratima & Kishore. My mom & dad kept a very nice name to me as "Taneesh". After lot of struggle my parents finalized this name on 13th Feb night. Till 13th night they were debating about two is Taneesh, and other is Rushik...Ofcourse, they finalized the name on 13th night as "Taneesh".
My Grand parents & my parents arranged Naming ceremony function in Mayuri Restaurent in Vizianagaram on 14th Feb. Many new aunties & uncles came to that function and blessed me. You know one thing, I got lot of toys...All aunties & uncles gave me toys & dresses. But I can't play with all toys now.... Some toys are bigger in size to me :-( I will play with those toys once I grown up.
See my Barasalu photos @

On the next day ie., 15th Feb, I have celebrated my first month Birthday. Had nice fun with my Pinni's & Mamayya.

See my first Birthday photos @

With lots of smiles,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello Aunty & Uncle,

Are u thinking who is this? This is Baby of Pratima & Kishore Hanumansetty. I thought of making all of you as my friends. So connecting you... I born on 18th Jan, 09 - Sunday. I was busy with all aunties & uncles visits, so couldn't get in touch with you till now. As I'm new to this world, my mom, dad & grand parents are taking care of me. I'm also trying to observe the things around me, and learning all naughty things. Most of the time I'm sleeping. But some aunties & uncles disturbing my sleep daily. They force me to play with them (see below photo how they are taking my photos by disturbing my sleep).

My mom & dad are busy. They are busy in searching a good name for me. I'm disturbing them sometimes by crying :-) As my mom & dad, didn't kept any name for me till now, every one calling on their own way., like bujji, pandu, chitti, nanna etc., I'm confusing with these names. Atlast my mom & dad told me that, they are going to finalize and keep a good name to me on 14th Feb.

Please bless me to have nice name & nice friends in my new world.

Check out my Blog frequently for new updates. Watch some of my photos.

Thanq Aunty & Uncle,

Cute baby of Pratima & Kishore.